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30 Aug

I am cheating a little bit today and referring you guys to two posts from my friend Maureen’s blog. But they are highly recommended reads. I’m not kaigue (lazy).

guest bloggers

Maureen’s one of my best friends here in Paraguay. You’ve already heard a lot about her here, especially when it comes to cooking, traveling about, drinking tereré.  She was very lucky to have some visitors come down in the past few months during the North American summer. Her best friend Lee visited as well as her dad. These posts were written by them. I wanted to share them because it’s nice to have an outsider’s perspective of the Peace Corps and Paraguay. Though by the ends of their stays, each was a bit more insider. Plus both of their blogs were special to me because I got to meet them both and very much enjoyed their company and sharing my experience with them as well. I know that both of them now have a better understanding of Peace Corps, of Paraguay and the ins and outs of Volunteer life.

Guest Blog: Dave Stickel : Words from a proud papa impressed by his daughter’s work, plus his reaction to the Peace Corps concept and why it’s a good one. His a short excerpt:

For me, the equivalent experience would be for me to get off a bus in the poorest poor part of Cincinnati (which actually looks a lot like middle class Paraguay) start walking up to random people and introducing myself, rent myself a small apartment in their midst, try to get them to invite me over for meals and chats, start making suggestions on how they might want to go about improving their neighborhhod or livelihoods, convince them to work with me on a project or two, and work with them to make it successful.  No, there isn’t a local church or charity or organization to sponsor me – I would be doing this totally on my own.  Quite daunting, huh?  Well 230 mainly young people are doing this in Paraguay right at this moment.

Guest Blog by Lee: My Month Long Trip to Paraguay – Greatest Hits Version : Words from another 20-something who lived day-to-day with Maureen for a month. It’s like she got a Peace Corps summer internship. Here is a shorter excerpt:

It was indeed the best month of my life.

Happy reading, readers! I’d love to hear your feedback from Maureen’s blog here. Also, if you visit me, you will write a guest blog, too.


One Response to “Must Read Blogs”

  1. Mom August 30, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    Thanks for sharing Maureen, her dad Dave and friend Lee. What a wonderful report and insight! It is always good to see through others’ eyes on the same adventure. Love to you all, Mom/Susan

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